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Everything looks different from the place you end up

Everything looks different from the place you end up

Original, Mixed Media on Wood, 59cm x 84cm
Price: £1,350.00

‘Everything looks different from the place you end up – Manchester back alley’

This artwork, featuring a back alley in Manchester city centre, could be anywhere you want it to be. Many people have witnessed and identify with a similar scene. It evokes feelings of excitement and unease in equal measures. There is beauty to everything, we just don't always see it. Viewers have commented that they have been down similar alleys to visit late night clubs, or treat it as a drunken public convenience. For others it may be a shortcut in a busy city or the home of more nefarious activities. It may also be someone’s bed for the night. On the streets, a discarded item spewing from an overflowing dustbin has real value to somebody. Ben is asking questions about belonging and not belonging. He is referencing a conversation the needs to be had and comments that deserves to be heard. It also asks the question; how much are we allowing ourselves to see?


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