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Michael Eugene

Michel Eugene Chevreul Experiment Green and Violet (one common primary element)

Screen Print, Framed, 51cm x 51cm
Price: £135.00

Firstly, this image looks at the interaction of primary colours. In image one, “red and blue”, Michel Eugene Chevreul suggests that both colours are searching for the remainder primary, which is yellow. In short, both colours will seem to take on elements of the missing yellow. This will imply that the red will seem slightly more orange and the blue slightly more green. 

In image two, “yellow and blue”, the colours are searching for the primary red, thus indicating that the yellow will lean more towards orange and the blue more towards violet.  Image three, “yellow and red”, suggests that red inclines to purple and yellow to green, as both colours are looking for the colour blue. 

Finally, the image also incorporates very simple even core aspects of design.  I have grouped: large/small, curved/sharp, textured/smooth and opaque/translucent shapes together; all of which highlighting the multiplicity and versatility of a simple design/creative theme on the subject of contrast.  


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