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Original, Fine Liner & Acrylic, Framed 27.5 x 23cm
Price: £600.00
"She looks at us with sadness, she doesn´t understand why we are destroying that that she had created so delicately, how we make the great trees withstand our hatred, as we try to keep the fish caged in a swarm of death. It is desolate, she sees that we are not able to show gratitude for what she gave us, and sometimes she feels furious as her tears fall hard against us, leaving terrible traces of her devastated soul. Why don´t we do something? She asks herself, and gives us another chance, but do we deserve it? She doesn´t always lack happiness, sometimes when she observes us she can see great gestures, noble hearts that protect the weakest beings, who care for their gift with strength and love. And it is in those moments when she rewards us with the greatest of flowers, with the birds creating songs in the sky and with the moon that illuminates our dark night. But every day she feels more tired of fixing our mistakes, and it seems as if at any moment she were to abandon us, depart, and leave us alone. We must take care of what she gave us, with love, with humility, she will thank you, and the flowers and trees of her hair will bloom as we have never seen before. "


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2nd Floor
218 Bradford Road, Batley,
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