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Original, Fine Liner & Acrylic, Framed 38 x 30cm
"Amongst the tall trees, in the thick of the air, there was a cry, a subterranean melody that left a treacherous trace. What was going on in that wasteland? there was a young girl with dark hair with a sullen look, weeping for her sister, who was no longer there, it was as if she could see and look at her in the reflection of the water. Why not go to the world of the dead? It was what she wondered as she fed the ground with tears. It was sad to think that, that soul so close to her, never rested, that she was lost in the immensity without finding peace. It was then that she decided to get up and dry off her grief, to find a way to finally say goodbye to her beloved sister. She crossed the woods, the high mountains, and as if from a breath of fresh air she found herself next to a dead fish, How strange? It was not strange that the fish was lifeless, the strange thing was that it seemed that it had drowned thousands of miles from the nearest water. The girl took the fish in her hands and it suddenly began to breath, he was only asleep and he settled down as if at home on her head. That walk had become a difficult adventure to understand and even more so because she didnĀ“t know how to put to rest the loss of her sister. The fish seemed tired, exhausted from having no place to swim, so the young woman ran back to the lake where she once saw her beloved sister reflected. It was there, not in another place, where she let the fish go, which with a small jump into the water thanked her for her kindness. And so it was just like that, that she never again saw her sister in that water, she left that place feeling that she had already saved her sister from that lost feeling"


Hope Art Publishing, Redbrick,
2nd Floor
218 Bradford Road, Batley,
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