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The Back Edge of Twilight

The Back Edge of Twilight

Original, Mixed Media on Wood, 42cm x 59.4cm
Price: £750.00

‘The back edge of twilight – Salford Road Bridge’

This is a scene that many people will have viewed their own version of. Traffic lights, bollards and street furniture installed along the roadside gives the work a visual identity that is recognisable even when having never been there. Inspired by his pre-art career in a business environment, many hours were spent in queues of slow-moving traffic on the daily commute. The old mindset was to become frustrated at how long the journey took and how slow progress was. By changing his way of thinking to one of acceptance of the situation, it allowed Ben to see things differently. Whilst sitting in the queues of traffic he embraced the fact that the journey would take a long time and recognised the exhaustion that came from being frustrated with it. He sought to spend that queue time more productively, reflecting on the beauty of the little things around him. Observing the way, the light dapples the treetops and colour bleeds in to darkness, it is a scene that resonates and changes perceptions. It could be anywhere and it can be wherever the viewer wants it to be.


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